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Prenu's baby sitting service is to reckon with like its other services. Prenu is maintaining its high quality of standard in the paying guest industry for all its services including the baby sitting service for the parents of the local area. We are well known for rendering babysitting services by duly matching the requirements and needs of the parents. Most of our satisfied customers are bent upon referring our baby sitting services to their own circles and by this way we are growing in every passing day with our spotless record. We are known by our unparallel ability to match the professional caregivers with the families in need of the services of baby sitting in a very intimate, fondling, loving and caring environment. We always extend the highest level of care for all the babies in our care.

As we know the exact requirements of the parents, so we offer them peace of mind. Our professional sitters are selected through many delicate criteria even though they are some times referred by those who know our class and standard. So, if you are opting for our service for this category, you will have the best solutions. You will have stress free sitter service from us. Our sitter service is just not mere a nanny service, it is completely based on the concept of professional job-to-job ideology. As claimed above, we know the special needs of the parents for our professional services which cover more than a nanny service. We do take care of the psychological, physical and cognitive needs of a baby. Our sitters are well conversant with keeping the babies with conducive and safe environment. Our specially trained sitters also guide the parents about how to attend to safety and health requirements of their babies. Our specially designed varieties of programs fulfill the needs of both the kids and their parents.

We have different types of part-time, full- time services. We also take up assignment basis sitter services. We never engage any sitters without screening their background. We also check their references. We encourage CPR training. Our due testing and training in the safety and security matters tell a lot by our satisfied customers. Our caregivers are clean, funny and safe to deal with your kids. They, as professional, know how to keep your child active and remain engaged in play. We maintain our resource pool that starts from as young as college students, teachers, grand mothers or even the mothers with ample experience to keep your child happy and attaching.

A baby sitting service is not simply sitting with the baby on behalf of the parents; it is much more than that. As per the age we always observe the gradual growth and developmental factors of the baby, specially the infants, which may include crawling, walking, rolling over, holding his/her head up, and mini-pushup and so on. Other than these internal and physical developments our sitters see the child proofing, food intake habits and so on with different age based games.